Tuesday, April 6

Imran @ 35 Months


Tapi sebab semalam meeting dari pagi sampai ke petang, maka tidak sempatlah nak menulis apa-apa.

Meh nak kopipes dari Babycenter 

Your 35-month-old 

Your 2-year-old seems more like a big kid every day. Bonks and bruises from daredevil tricycle stunts give her an air of experience. And the lies that trip off her tongue can seem all too grown-up. Rest assured: It's all a normal part of being 2. 

Baby steps to independence

Your 2-year-old now

Try not to take it personally if your preschooler has begun preferring one parent over another (and you're the odd man — or woman — out). She might decide one day that only Daddy can read the bedtime story, not Mom. --> So true. Imran takmo dengan En Abah. Kalau masa main takpe :)

Habit is sometimes the reason: If Mom has driven to the babysitter every day, there's a fuss when Dad does it. More obviously, a parent who's been away on a trip might be shunned. It's your child's way of saying, "I really, really missed you and didn't like it ... I'm afraid you'll do it again."

Know that these whims are temporary. If you're the one on the outs, don't take it personally. If you're on the ins, specify some activities that are done with the other parent so that you'll get an occasional break. Continue about your usual routines with your child and things will fall back to normal.

Whatever you do, don't try to win back your child's affection with special toys or relaxed rules. You'll only set a bad precedent and reward her behavior. Besides, the one thing she really wants (even when she's acting like she doesn't) is you.

Why preschoolers lie

For preschoolers, the line between fantasy and reality is blurry, which may explain their tendency to lie. Your child's intent isn't to deceive you. Rather, she wants to say what will make you happy — even if it isn't true. Make it less scary for her to tell the truth and you'll help her avoid fibbing. For example, if she denies drawing on the wall, calmly help her clean up and point out that crayons are for coloring books and paper. Counterintuitively, humor can be another useful response. Go along with the tall tale and embroider it yourself, and your child will probably catch on to the absurdity of her story.--> Imran kalau berak selalu takmo ngaku. Ngape heh? Dia takut mamanya marah ke? Tak pernah pulak haku marah kalo dia berak. Hmmm.... 

Two-year-olds' lies also sprout from their active imaginations. They come to believe certain things they've imagined really did happen: Maybe it was the dragon under the bed who messed up all those clothes all over the floor. --> adakah insiden nampak hantu tu pun termasuk dalam kes ni??? 

And sometimes what seems like a lie is sheer forgetfulness. You ask, "Did you put your finger in the frosting of that birthday cake?" and if it happened much earlier in a busy day, she just might not be sure whether she did it or her big brother did. 

The "ouch" years 

Most children master a tricycle between ages 2 and 3. It takes large-muscle power and coordination to manage this feat. Starting with a low-slung model made of plastic can help your child feel secure (it's less likely to tip) and get the hang of moving his legs. Then you can move up to a taller trike if you like. Your child won't have the necessary balance and coordination for a two-wheeler until closer to the elementary-school years (some kids can handle training wheels before that, but rarely before the late threes).--> Imran pun baru-baru je pandai kayuh basikal dia tu:)  

Safety tips: Realize that low-to-the-ground vehicles can't be seen easily by motorists backing up, so always supervise your little rider. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a child wear an approved safety bicycle helmet even in the preschooler years, and even when she's a passenger on your bike — it protects her brain as well as gets her in the helmet habit right from the start. 

His first collection 

Older preschoolers are as passionate about collecting things as adults. They may be trading in rocks instead of oil paintings, but the idea is the same. Developmentally, your preschooler is working hard to classify the world around him into groups and subgroups (mammals, cats, pet cats, white and yellow cats). Collecting suits this kind of mental function perfectly (big rocks, little rocks, white rocks, shiny rocks). Toy collections are fun, but a grown-up has to purchase them — your child can't do it himself. That's why so many starter collections tend to involve natural items (sticks, shells, feathers), because the child can be in control. 

Give your child a special place to store her collection, such as a box or shelf. Encourage her to talk with you about it, which helps her articulate what she's thinking. Ask, "Why did you pick that one?" and "Which are your favorites?"--> kumpul VCD Ultraman boleh dikira sebagai collection dak? Ngeee.... 

Tinggal sebulan je sebelum birthday Imran. Tahun ni cadangnya nak buat kecil-kecilan aje. Mungkin setakat beli kek dan hadiah, tiup lilin kat rumah Atuk nya aje.

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